A friend in Istanbul writes

2 Jun

Earlier this evening – a Turkish friend in Istanbul writes: 

“I’m about to head back to Taksim Square but I need to say two things:

1) Thank you for all those staying “stay safe” and the like. We are all trying to do that and 99% of us are just standing on our own streets. But we are basically waiting to get gassed. If they choose to shoot with something else, they shoot. We will just stand there.

2) The Prime Minister has just given the most “other-ising” interview I have ever seen. I truly hope the “other” side doesn’t listen because if they do, this will turn very nasty very quickly. I hope that everyone in Turkey realises there are no others, only people who want to live their own lives in peace and without interference. 

On that note, I’m off. See you soon I hope!”

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